press release: i am keats as you are | Glenn Peirson: physician, musician, poet
PRESS RELEASE: I am Keats as you are by GLENN PEIRSON Edited and compiled by Mary Peirson and Ellyn Peirson I am Keats as you are: one man's journey to final enlightenment. In his immortal spirit, ... as free As the sky-searching lark, and as elate. Minion of grandeur! think you he did wait? ... [JK] Glenn Peirson died too soon, much too soon, stricken by a fast-spreading sinus cancer and leaving our world in November 2009 at 44. He was a husband to Mary and a father to Theodora and Henry. He was a doctor with a thriving practice in Cambridge, Ontario – and he was also a musician and music-lover, an athlete, a writer, a poet and a deeply spiritual man. Glenn Peirson, as a friend described him, was a true Renaissance man, a man of compassion, intellect and deep passion. His battle with cancer (the "beast," as he called it) extended for three torturous, draining years. There was surgery, and there was chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but the beast was