two great loves – Lent & GardeningGlenn Peirson: physician, musician, poet | Glenn Peirson: physician, musician, poet
Easter People (April 12, 2009) We are all an Easter people, even if not religious in any particular way or perhaps not at all. The Christians tend to celebrate Easter-peopled-ness, not in any proud or holier-than-thou manner, but as an optimistic promise resurrection-claiming Holy Week unwinding Lent minimizing kind of way. But, we are all an Easter people, at least we Canadians save those in Victoria or Point Pelee. Everywhere else, in this often frigid place, and some of those Scandinavian places too, Siberia maybe, and Greenland (ha!), we and they are Easter people. We live the life of rebirth, relife, rekindled in our frozen ground, crocus, snowdrop, scilla, poking through winter's death every early Spring. Coincident with Easter, resurrected even if forgotten bulb, springs to life just like our dead God. And the Easter person? Gets that little itch, behind your garden boot, near your secateur trigger, off the rake's handle, by the soil-spiculed-spade