The Newest imgix Datacenter by imgix on Exposure
Our mission at imgix is to increase the value of every image on the Internet. We are accomplishing this by enabling faster content delivery, histogram correction, color adjustment, better compression, retargeting to specific devices and browsers, and much more. As the boundaries of the Internet push further out from the desktop computer into tablets, mobile phones, smart–watches, and every other electronic medium imaginable, it is becoming impossible to predict how an image may need to be presented ahead of time. Images have to become responsive to the conditions in which they are being viewed in order to function in the increasingly diverse visual landscape of the modern Internet. imgix is designed from the ground up with solving this challenge in mind. Our service can take any image on the web and serve it dynamically, perfectly tailoring an image in real-time to the context in which it is being viewed. With trillions of images already on the Internet and more being added at an accelerating pace, it will take a tremendous amount of processing power and intelligence to bring this kind of capability to every image on the Internet. Below are photos from the project. If you are interested in learning more or trying out our service, please visit