Léo at One by Dog Willing Publications
The long version of how Lisa and I decided to get Léo can be found on my blog. The short version is that I shared some photos I saw on a Facebook group for the Picardy Spaniel and wrote If you've ever considered getting a Picardy pup, now might be the time! Check out these photos of pups from the first litter whelped in the UK and try to resist. And the more I looked at the photos, the more I felt my own resistance fading. At one point I had to step away from the computer to plead with Lisa,: Talk me down dear, help me step away from the edge. I fully expected her to provide me with some solid, logical reasons why I should not get a pup at this time. But instead of being reasonable and helping me resist, she said: A new pup!? I'll go get my purse... So, despite my best efforts, the first person to give into temptation! The photos below are the ones that pushed me, and Lisa, over the edge.