AUTUMN 2016 by Dog Willing Publications
Last week, after we said goodbye to our sweet Souris-Manon, we headed south to the endless prairies of South Dakota to take some time to heal. For 5 incredible days we shared memories of Souris while hunting pheasant, sharptailed grouse and the greatest of all prairie birds, prairie chicken with Uma, Léo and Bella. With Souris hunting beside us in spirit our pursuit of game was successful. We bagged what is probably the very first prairie-bird 'trifecta' over a Pont Audemer Spaniel. In less than an hour, our 13 year old Uma helped us take a plump sharptailed grouse, a splendid rooster pheasant and a stunning prairie chicken! I also bagged a left-right double of prairie chickens over Bella and we got 4 pheasants over Léo's points. We also felt our hearts begin to mend, just a bit. We're picking up Souris' ashes today and will shed more tears I'm sure. But the healing has begun thanks to time spent under the big blue sky of South Dakota.