Amine through our eyes by CURE International
You can only hope to contain him… and even that is nearly impossible. It’s a fact I learned quickly as I chased Amine around the hospital grounds at CURE Niger and found that, at the ripe old age of six, he could absolutely outrun me. Amine has boundless energy now that he has the ability to move freely, so containing any of that enthusiasm is not an option (unless he decides he needs a five-second break to regroup before flying off again, as pictured below). Amine’s story, and the impact he’s had, is similarly uncontainable. We invited people to share their stories and memories of Amine in our newsletter, Healing, and received much more than we could fit in just a few pages! We decided to share everything here, but even this is an incomplete portrayal, because there’s no way to accurately measure his ripple effect. Why do we take healing so seriously? Why do we believe it matters so much? This is why. The transformation that happens when one child finds healing—for that child and for anyone in his path—is truly immeasurable. Few stories illuminate that truth more clearly than Amine’s. – Beka Watts, Content Coordinator, CURE International