Raising Haiti by Samaritan’s Purse on Exposure
Haiti’s southern peninsula likely burns more than any place you’ve been—especially now. The smoke mingles with wafts of decay and ocean air, wreaking a pungent breeze through open windows. You can smell the burning in your sleep, and it wakes you. You can hear and see it night and day—the stripped-bare trees and fields piled high and set ablaze to make way for a new life, again. Category 4 Hurricane Matthew is among the largest storms on record to hit the Caribbean and is the largest storm to strike the area in more than a decade. Yet even as the rest of the Western Hemisphere watched with horror as Matthew approached Haiti’s southern peninsula, the people living in the bullseye didn’t think much of it until it was on them. “I mean I knew there was a storm coming, but I didn’t know it would be like this,” said Pastor Horlritch Francois, a native of Haiti who moved to Chardonnières, Haiti, to serve the area as a missionary sent from stateside Haitian churches. “I’ve never seen a wind like that.”