Hi, my name is Delia and I am a Racist . . . and working on it.
You know me as a a mother, an artist, a teacher . . . a solo-preneur. Perhaps you've heard me speak of progressive ideals and maybe even perceived me as a fierce champion of the disenfranchised. It's all mostly true, however on my path of self discovery and spiritual growth, I understand myself to be a racist. I don't have a "personal" Blog space. I am the sole owner and creator behind Phoenix Magyk. There is no "Royal we". While I am keen to make adornment of resonance, sell those adornments and teach the art form, I believe that the life I experience, informs my art, influences the custom work I do, and how I relate to others. So this is me . . . my authentic self. I believe that being positive is way better than being negative, that fear is the opposite of love and that hate is fear manifest. However, … Continue reading →