BAH Humbug on Black Friday
. . . . and all the rest of that hooooohaaaaa On Saturday, November 29th, I will be sharing new work and gifts (with purchase), In celebration of you honoring Small Business Saturday and in honor of the enormous accomplishment having a small business is. YEAH BABY! Stop in to the Phoenix Magyk/Bellandaria Crafted Port LA!! WOOHOO!! Many of you know already....and in case you don't - I don't *do* black Friday on any level. AND my store at Crafted will be closed. My lovely work wife will be celebrating the holiday with her family, out of state and Friday the 29th is my daughter's 17th birthday. I've not decorated the store for Christmas either. That won't happen until after Thanksgiving . . .please . . .thank you. In all my 54 years, I have never gotten up at some unspeakable hour the day after Thanksgiving to … Continue reading →