Sale? Discount? Coupons?!?!?
As Martin Luther King Day came and went, as I do every year, I had strong emotions about the mind-set of, for the most part, of "big box retailers". 'It's MLK DAY! Time to buy a mattress on sale . . . or a refrigerator...or clothes...or jewelry...or a car. As if that were the core message Martin Luther King would want to share on his birthday, or any other day for that matter. I’ve also been doing some marketing research. Marketing is a huge part of my business . . . really, who wants to keep having parties when no one knows about them? It’s important though, that my marketing is in congruence with who I am. As my business coach onece said - "It doesn't have to be smarmy." I recently watched a tutorial on 'how to get a million sales on Pinterest' and the first thing suggested in creating my business pin, was to offer a … Continue reading →