July & August Birthstones
Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is also a corundum, like Sapphire, so it is a hard stone and durable – a 9 on the hardness scale. Highly prized for it’s color and rarity it is also a pricey stone. For good color material and very clear stones, it will cost you about $800+ per carat. It is also rich in history and lore – for example, did you know that Rubies are mentioned 4 times in the bible? Here are additional articles to learn more. It’s really fascinating. The wearing of Ruby can also be beneficial energetically. I use it as an empowering stone, representing passion and grace. It’s a “power” stone. Read more here: As many of you know I am a big fan of lab created Ruby. I really appreciate the price break. Ruby can … Continue reading →