HUZZAH! or Why my work is valuable for You.
I so had to laugh . . . a lot . . . at the following thought: I spend a lot of time talking about adornment of intent or meaning and yet I may not have talked about what that means for you, the Lover of Lovelies. That was a mouthful I know, and that was the thought. How odd right? When folk come into the store, I give space for them to look around and if they ask, I will spill my guts about why I work in fine silver and what my vessels are all about and the Runes and the Kanji and The Warriors Creed. I feel fairly certain there are greater descriptors on my Etsy listings then what I have posted before now, in my blog - sorry. So here is the skinny . . . the 411 . . . the dealio . . . I create adornment or pieces of meaning that represent you, the wearer and that also compliment the path you are on. The pieces are … Continue reading →