Diamonds? April Birthstone
OK.... if you know me, you know how I feel about diamonds. While highly praised for centuries and hyped as "A girl's best friend" and "two months of salary..." - I ALWAYS recommend a natural white sapphire to my clients before I will assist them with a diamond. When my clients are insistent, I refer them to the best people I know in the business. K...wanna know the coolest thing about sapphires....besides that they are often white? Sapphire comes in over 450 colors/color variations AND they are more durable than a diamond. That's right....I said that. While diamonds are a 10 hardness and Sapphire a 9 - sapphires don't have cleeeeeeeavage 🙂 WOOHOO. And while they don't have the same refraction (rainbowy colors in light) they are still awesomesauce....less expensive and just down right pretty. I have maybe one white sapphire in stock over … Continue reading →