Creativity Saves Lives
The belief that I have, that creativity saves lives, is so firm in my core. It is a HUGE part of why I teach and why I create Lovelies for Lovers of. Grab a cuppa something . . . How this present journey began. I am an introvert. I often feel challenged by being around more than one person at a time. I do, however, crave, like many humans, connection with others. But not just any connection. I prefer deep meaningful connections, which scares some people, and puts casual dating way out of the realm of possibility. I am a person that enjoys wearing, handmade, well made, pieces of jewelry. One day I found a rune piece in silver. The rune, Uruz, loosely translates as a "strength" rune. At the time, I had some appointments coming up and decided, this is just the intention I needed to focus on for these meetings. I wore my new rune all the … Continue reading →