And Time Passes
Time. What an interesting thing. Of course centuries ago, time was not a big deal. Days were spent figuring out how to survive. It was just sun up and sun down. People hunted and ate and foraged and created shelter and fought off predators . . . rinse and repeat. As we have evolved, there are now clocks . . . dates . . . deadlines . . .“work hours”, “school hours” “open hours” “closed hours”. In the hours, we are doing the same thing - maintaining our shelters, foraging for food, resting, eating and fighting off “predators”. For the homeless, that can be rough . . . really rough. For those of us fortunate to have a roof over our heads, not as rough. We just call it something different . . . right? Why so philosophical? It’s not because I see time as “precious”. It’s because I value the things that occur during time. … Continue reading →