TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Curves – Herbs and Spices | Phil Long's Photo Blog
This is my second image for assignment 2 "Elements of design" to illustrate curves. Curves - Herbs and Spices (ISO200, 1/50sec exposure, f/20 aperture) Shot on manual with flash fired. Narrow aperture for greatest depth-of-field. I had shot the original with a white backdrop but the glass reflected the white far too much, so I put my black backdrop into the light tent to get a completely black background. I don't know why, but for some reason I expected the reflection to remain - albeit reduced - because I was bouncing flash from above. That doesn't make sense when I think about it as the angle I'm holding the camera at will dictate what is reflected - so with black behind the glass and the camera pointing toward that the reflection was bound to be black. Obvious now, but I thought otherwise until I pressed the shutter release on the camera and saw the result! I also cleaned some of the oregano which had 'escaped' the area I wanted it in. I achieved a similar result to the image