Nest v3 Install with Ideal Istor HE260 and HE325 | Phil Long's Blog
Prime Day on July 11th saw a big drop in the price of a Nest v3 system to £135. I'd been thinking of getting one for a while, so this discount was too good to refuse - especially as I'd received a £20 Amazon voucher from work, so it ended up being £115 of my own money. It arrived yesterday. I had a quick look over the instructions that evening and searched Google for help setting it up for my boiler, but I didn't find anything helpful. I know they say it's meant to be installed by a pro, but from reading it seemed it was quite simple once you understood what activates what on the boiler. It took me a while to get that understanding - but once I'd looked at the back of the existing programmer that's built in to the heating system it fell into place. Given I've worked it out and successfully installed it I thought I'd share what I did for anybody else who struggles to find the help they need. My existing system is an Ideal iStor HE260 and HE325 system boiler, and it turns out