TAOP: Assignment 5 – Images – Part 1: Turned to Liquid | Phil Long's Photo Blog
The first image I've shot handily happens to be the first image for the sequence. Turned to Liquid - click to see large on Flickr In my picture script this was to be 'drinking from a wine glass', but I decided to adapt my idea and sort of imply the subject (acted here by me, as I'm 100% confident I'll be available for pictures whenever I need me) is becoming the wine, by using colour. I also wanted to use a multi-light setup in an interesting way, so figured this was a suitable way to do that. I did a bit of looking around at portrait photography and the work of Gregory Heisler caught my eye - and, in particular, this image which I used as inspiration. I like the use of shadow on the person in the shot, and the focus given to the pepper, rather than their face. I figured something along those lines would work for the part of the narrative this image plays. I've done very little post-production here - just sharpening and increasing the black levels in Lightroom. Creating the shot