Beyond Our Sight : With one of their heaviest songs -
Sometimes ago we wrote about the band Beyond Our Sight, a young and interesting and new band from Belgium that brings us modern metal on their debut EP The Void Within. The band is from Ghent and with musicians from bands like Poseydon and Breathing Reflex. Beyond Our Sight are six young musicians with obvious common love for metal. They are heavily influenced thrash metal and metal core. So expect fast-paced riffs with crushing vocals and intense melodic hooks as they bring you their story and vision of this world. Now the band are back with a new video for the song Cut Loose, Quote from the band about this song: «This is easily one of our heaviest songs we’ve ever written, as it is about how our singer felt when he lost his mother, with who he had a very difficult relationship with». Beyond Our Sight is busy writing their first full album as we speak, and this song is one of the first for that album. Link: Facebook Relatert