Egeria: Journey into the darkest depths -
On October 28th 2019 the new and second EP from Dutch band Egeria will be released, called As Night Falls. This album will be released through the band themselves, so this is a full independent release. Egeria from the Netherlands was founded in December 2013 lead by lead singer Nicole De Ruiter. The musicians where a group of friends interested in metal music and playing cover songs. After a period of playing cover songs, Nicole De Ruiter and Max Vijgan began introducing ideas for new songs to the rest of the group. It`s from those ideas that their first original song Requiem Draconis was created. In 2017 the band released their first EP Requiem Of Shadows and played their first gigs. Eventually they found out their own sound with influences fascinating journey into the darkest depths where dreams and nightmares alike become reality. Egeria are influenced of classical, symphonic and progressive melodies. In the absence of songs from As Night Falls we include a song from the EP Requiem Of The Shadows. The song The Rise Of The Fallen offers very nice vocal harmonies and showcase how good Nicole De Ruiter can sing. A Night At The Mansion is a [...]