Vhäldemar: All five albums re-released! -
Barakaldo (Spanish: Baracaldo) is a municipality located in the Biscay province in the Basque Country, and home for the metal band Vhäldemar. Their 3rd and self-released album was Metal Of The World from 2010, and re-issued on 19th of November 2019 through Fighter Records. Metal Of The World is actually another great album by a band of pure heavy metal which helped to strengthen the great trajectory and personal sound of Vhäldemar. Without a doubt an essential piece in the discography of every fan. You can listen to the single Dusty Road at this location, Although Oscar Cuadrado left his bass duties with this band in 2014, he’s still the full time manager of Vhäldemar. The band was formed in the late 90’s when guitarist Pedro J. Monge decided to create a group with the singer and guitarist Carlos Escudero. In 2001 they released their first demo and it brought them a record deal with Arise Records with whom they launched their debut album Fight To The End in March 2002 and was released throughout Europe, Japan, Russia, south and North America. Late next year the band released their sophomore Made My Own Hell. In May 2013 the band releases [...]