Bryan Beller: Xplores themes of ambition and loss -
On his homepage Bryan Beller states, «Lately I’ve been thinking. What’s the best way in this right now modern media culture to talk about who made the album Scenes From The Flood the work it eventually became? After all, it took 26 different musicians, 10+ engineers, and three graphic artists to bring this behemoth to life. Then I thought, if I was to dedicate a day to introducing each of the contributors, one day per contributor, that would be a whole lot of content right there for the insatiable social media machines». «But then I thought, why stop there? Why not take certain days to debut the individual artwork associated with each song? Yes, each of the album’s 18 songs has its own album-cover style artwork. And why not take a few more days to talk about the key albums that influenced this work»? «So, if you put all that together, what we’ve got is 50-something days of high-quality content to share with you, and that’s our humble little promotional campaign for the album. It’s even written mostly in the third person to sound all official and whatnot. Though I reserve the right to make snarky comments about the third [...]