Übergang: Not genius, only modern thrash -
Carl Friedrich Gauss who died February 23, 1855 in Göttingen! He was a German mathematician, astronomer, geodesy and physicist. Gauss has become genius and is sometimes referred to as princeps mathematicorum of mathematics and the greatest mathematician since ancient times. The band Übergang is from Göttingen but not genius but their new album Evolution features varied and good songwriting and contrasts. Straight thrash parts change with groovy midtempo, moshparts meet melodic structures and the vocals show a large variety from growls and screams to clean singing. Every musician shows a nice passion for every single song and with DIY is doctrine. The track Angst Vs. Kraft show the very personal side of vocalist Sebastian and probably the song will affect many people in a emotional way as well. The lyrics on Evolution speaks of pretty deep personal problems on the one hand and of social criticism on the other. Vocalist Sebastian Walkenhorst faces his own demons in a positive way and gets the perfect background from his bandmates musically. Kampfgeist deals with the social problems of selfishness and lethargy. For many people there is no room for subjects like environment, animal rights or fundamental rights besides their own ego. The [...]