Aegonia: A magical trip back in times! -
Aegonia is an atmospheric/doom/gothic/melodic death/folklore/fantasy metal band from Bulgaria. Aegonia is from Sofia, Bulgaria, formed by Elitsa Stoyanova and Nikolay Nikolov in 2011. The band describes their music as fantasy metal with folklore influence. Magical acoustic guitars, violin and ethereal female vocals are followed by brutal metal guitars and male growling. They have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the authentic folklore music. They shot the autumn footage of The Maid And The Mountain (Ща да ида, майчинко) in the eastern Rhodopi mountains, and the winter footage, in its western regions. All the clothing and items they have used in the video are authentic. In many ways a magical trip back in time! Other folklore songs of Aegonia are: Иска ми дума гората, translated literally means the forest asks me for my word. Заспала е Стоена (Stoena has fallen asleep) and Самодива (Samodiva, this is a magical creature in the Bulgarian folklore, a woman in white clothes and bare feet, that lives in the forest. The word is made of two words meaning alone and wild. Their song Samodiva is a continuation of the story told in The Maid And The Mountain. The rich Bulgarian folklore has its [...]