Now In Color: Labelled as Heavy Song 1 and Heavy Song 2! -
Now In Colour is a progressive rock band from Sydney, Australia. Yeti was the final song written and recorded, and it’s sort of a mixture and a tribute to all of their different influences and inspirations. If you listen closely, you’ll notice that the song slowly speeds up at a consistent from beginning to end, just slowly enough to not be noticeable! Subtly. The musicians in Now In Color says, «This song is like a tribute to all of our favorite progressive rock artists all crammed into one thing. It’s through composed and features few repeating sections, but the interesting and probably unique thing about it is that it slowly speeds up from beginning to end (by about 30bpm over 11 minutes). The acceleration is just gradual enough that you don’t really notice it at first, then suddenly think to yourself wait, isn’t this much faster than it was at the beginning? ». «The tempo change was actually quite difficult to deal with from a production standpoint, as it meant that once we started recording parts, we weren’t able to change the structure at all (if we added new sections or moved anything around it would all be out of time [...]