Nucleus: Deeply peculiar death metal! -
The album Entity filled with sci-fi themed death metal from the band Nucleus will be released in next month. Eight tracks deep and nearly 40 minutes long, Entity is an atypical death metal album in almost every other way that matters. The new album finds Nucleus leaning harder into their influences, and following their own strange impulses, more than ever before. Riffs come and go in dense, syncopated knots of alien harmony, vocals are reverberated growls and sometimes drifting, almost subliminal clusters of eerie clean singing. With punchy, aggressive drumming and bass work, this is an album that never sacrifices the full-frontal assault side of the genre in its pursuit of the peculiar. But at the same time, it is a deeply peculiar album, uncompromising in delivering the auditory version of a hard science fiction novel. The title track Enity, Descending from the outer reaches in 2012, the sci-fi death metal band Nucleus from Chicago arrived with an armament of influences revered in the weirder corners of the underground, Timeghoul, Demilich, Adramalech, and so on. Following a series of demos and EPs, they released their debut album Sentient with Unspeakable Axe Records in 2016. Now, after three years and an [...]