Alberto Rigoni: Never stops being creative -
Italian visionary Alberto Rigoni is a dedicated composer and addicted to bass guitar, and he never stops being creative. He play bass in the metal band Bad As and the Britalian poprock band The Italians. Rigoni technically accomplished and equally soulful string virtuoso gains rapidly audience in the international music scene for inventive and atmospheric genre-crossing compositions. His last offering is the album Prog Injection. The track Mad 333 featuring Mattias IA Eklundh, Rigoni play heavy instrumental progressive soundscapes comprehensible to wide varieties of listeners. The line-up, Alberto Rigoni on bass and Chapman Stick 10 string, Alessandroni Bertoni on keyboards and Thomas Lang on drums. Rigoni was also a member of the progressive band Twinspirits, which released three albums. Great musicians like Gavin Harrison and Kevin Moore have joined Alberto Rigoni`s solo project, and Rigoni is also co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal project and bassist of Kim Bingham. The Prog Injection is the eight solo album from Rigoni and shows the refined art of the Italian close to perfection. Jeff Hughell, bassist in Six Feet Under, is featured in the fourth song Death Stick as a special guest. Established drummer Thomas Lang shows his extensive skills on the kit. He [...]