Eveline`s Dust: From Italy's thriving prog scene -
Pisa-based Eveline’s Dust was founded seven years ago, and are another young group to come out of Italy’s thriving prog scene. The band are inspired by classic English groups such as King Crimson and Genesis, as well as Italian symphonic giants Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, and, more prominently, modern prog icon Steven Wilson. The band consists of Nicola Pedreschi – Keyboards and vocals, Lorenzo Gherarducci – Guitar, Marco Carloni – Bass and Angelo Carmignani – Drums. Their third album is simply named K. The title track K, The band’s debut EP, Time Changes was released six years ago. The album delivered an established their decisively modern sound. With a symphonic base and an neo prog as a fundament- Eveline’s Dust are not afraid to experiment a little and move past the typical preconceptions of the genre. Their music sometimes veers into heavier, almost metal-like territory, and at times even showcases slight jazz rock tendencies. 2016 saw the release of Eveline’s Dust’s first full length. K is a concept album, full of neo prog sounds enriched with modern jazzrock influences, Eveline’s Dust tell the story of K, a girl whose life is inevitably affected by an incurable illness. A colorful, yet [...]