Nachtfalter: Traditional goth with modern elements -
German gothic metallers Nachtfalter have released a visually appealing video for their first single Maschinenklang, which is taken off from their debut album Was Bleibt, set to be released on May 24th, 2019. The sound of Maschinenklang, as well as its lyrics, is extremely catchy and combine Tobias Serfling’s German vocals with a compact wall of sound, mainly dominated by brazen guitar riffs. The studio album features a danceable electro remix of Maschinenklang which will certainly find its way into the clubs. In the coming months the band will play several shows as an extensive tour is scheduled for this fall. Nachtfalter is a gothic metal formation from Germany that was founded two years ago by Tobias Serfling und Tom Grünzig. Nachtfalter translated to English is moth. The music and the lyrical content are in the focus for Nightfall and is a sad, melancholic symbiosis, which in traditional gothic & metal style orients and combines them with modern elements in a distinctive way. Nachfalter are part of a new wave of gothic metal. The music is probably for or fans of ASP, MONO Inc., Lacrimosa, Joachim Witt & old Crematory! Link: Facebook Relatert