Vous Autres: β and ₣ -
Champ Du Sang is the first album from the sludge/black metal band Vous Autres. The band is a duo from Paris and Nantes composed by β (vocals) and ₣ (guitar, bass and keyboard). Last year they released the first EP Trente Pieces D`argent, and this time evolving towards a more melancholic and darker atmosphere. The track Vos Erreurs Consternantes is the official video and translated it is Your Consuring Errors. Champ Du Sang is a fascinating mixture of obscure heaviness and lunar light. A full-round trip from sin to redemption, supported by scathing lyrics drawn from the contemporary world and the multiple delusions of human nature. This time less sludgy, less heavy, but crushingly psychedelic, furiously cathartic. The track Pauvre Animal, Simple Pantin, Link: Facebook Relatert