Ave Sangria: Returns from the ashes -
Recife, Pernambuco! The Brazilian town Recife is located in the tropical climate zone, and the Recife band Ave Sangria is also pretty hot right now. The long awaited album Vendavais is finally released, 45 years after the classic album Ave Sangria of 1974. Ave Sangria is a classic band that marked history in Brazilian psychedelia. Now Ave Sangria returns with an album of unpublished songs that they composed in the 70’s, for the band’s next album, which unfortunately was not released, due to lack of motivation caused by censorship of the dictatorship, however, some songs was present on the live album, Perfumes And Baratchos. The title track Vendaveis, The Vendavais was a fascinating work, with a rocky footprint, very heavy, however, without losing the essence of northeastern music in lyrics and sonority. Ave Sangria returns from the ashes, like a true phoenix, and will be memorized in the history of rock and Brazilian music, in the udigrudi movement, where Ave Sangria stood out as the main and most influential band. The track O Poeta, Link: Facebook Relatert