This Winter Machine: With growing fan base -
There are some who like to have watches on the walls in every room and I belong to that category! Therefore, an album title is like A Tower Of Clocks is very exciting for me. The album is the much anticipated second album by Yorkshire progressive rock band This Winter Machine. They appeared for the first time three years ago and produced the very successful album with This Man Who Never Was. The track Justified played live in Danfest 7 in Leicester, Therefore, there are high expectations for their second album A Tower Of Clocks among their growing fan base, drawn by the high quality of their debut and a series of increasingly polished and entertaining live shows around the U.K. This Winter Machine do not do experimental music as they focus on writing and performing good and catchy melodic neoprog songs. They are not breaking new musical frontiers, but they have an eye for nice melodies and hooks. Link: Facebook Relatert