3 Crows: A raucous voice and glossy black plumage -
A crow is a large perching bird with mostly glossy black plumage, a heavy bill, and a raucous voice. 3 crows is a three-piece band of Chris Buck, Marco Minnemann and Brett Garsed. The songs are rife with shredding from all instruments on their new album It`s A Murder. This time more organic and with a more cohesive attitude. This are excellent musicians indeed! The title track It`s A Murder, 3 crows is a multinational band and from USA, , Germany and Australia. The compositions are very inspired and often very fascinating, and in addition the arrangement and playing is top notch. This is a journey of songs and sound….created by only drums, bass, guitar and voice. The band call their genre rock hybrid. The tracks Psychedelic Prelude, Islave, Raven`s Way, Tres Quervos, Bird, The Rythm and Franqy Link: Facebook Relatert