Mollo Rilla: Journey through styles, mood, and drama -
Mollo Rilla are a dynamic 4-piece rock band from the heartland of the U.S., whose self-titled debut album is journey through styles, mood, and drama. The band was formed two years ago from a group of guys leaving other bands. Their core mission, musical freedom and damn good rock music. The group enjoys blending other styles in with their American rock beats, such as Latin guitar and even disco! They write about freedom, fantasy, faith, and of course love. The track In Dreams, There is often a dark undertone in the music of Mollo Rilla and that is fascinating. That undertones carries throughout the entire record like a thread. Holding all together like charms on a string, all different shapes and sizes coming together in a nice combination to make it not only cohesive but truly something special. Whether you are a fan of Uriah Heap, Deep Purple or more modern rockers like Imperial State Electric and/or Queens Of The Stone Age, there is probably something in this album for you! The tracks Nightmare and Ghetto Ghoul, The members are Marco Ciofani (vocals, lead guitar), Simeon Ruple (keyboard, backup vocals), Austin Adams (bass, backup vocals), and Ben Cunningham (drums). These [...]