Robert Machado: Poured his heart and soul into this artistry -
Robert Machado band is a dedicated multi musician. Robert Mach from (Georgia) plays bass, rhythm guitar, drums and keyboard and sings in his self-titled music project. The track Ticking Away, Robert Machado have on his new album The Feast been contributed of Euro Rojas (Venezuela) and Rob Machado (California) both with bass, lead guitars and bass guitars. The track Locked Room, The album has received praise as an alternative rock effort and is also doused in psychedelic, progressive rock and more. Machado’s special cluster of genre styles and influences prove continuously all-encompassing and have been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd with an attitude, Foreigner-like soundscapes, early Genesis and metal/hard rock anthems. Machado’s dedication to his art is fascinating. This is a very nice exhibition of art from a professional standard and it’s clear that Machado poured his heart and soul into this artistry. The title track The Feast, Link: Facebook Relatert