Brighteye Brison: With three new long songs -
The Stockholm based band Brighteye Brison will release their fifth studio album V in May. This progressive rock output came together in 2000 under the guiding wings of writer, keyboardist, saxophonist and vocalist Linus Kåse. Other members include Kristofer Eng Radjabi – bass and vocal, Per Hallman – keys and vocal), Johan Öijen – guitars and Erik Hammarström – drums. During 1996 to 2000 Linus Kåse, was studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm as he founded this band. The Magician Chronicles – Part I from 2011 was the last album from Brighteye Brison. V contains three long songs with eclectic prog. The track Crest Of Quarrel. There are not yet a You Tube video from the new album, but the track After The Storm from the album Believers & Deceivers is a good replacement! Kåse is and was influenced by 70´s oriented prog acts like ELP, Genesis, Gentle Giant and Yes. He has since he was pretty young dreamed about starting his own band, playing only original music. Brighteye Brison was founded early 2000 and started out as a trio, but later this year guitarist Johan Öijen joined the band. Two years later Brighteye Brison were recording material [...]