Straytones: Top-notch underground music acts -
The third release of Ukrainian psychedelic rock outfit Straytones was released on the 22nd of February. Following their album S/ΠΆ, which was released in the beginning of 2017 and gained many positive reviews in Ukraine and beyond, the new EP demonstrates the band’s knowledge and progression in the psychedelic rock realm. Remarkably, the EP will be supported by a cartoon music video born of the story that’s uncovered throughout the release. «The joke about the winter outfits of Straytones band members turned into the idea about two cartoon characters and that’s exactly how the Dark Lord and the Bell-Man came into being. We wanted to create a garage-rock opera to uncover fictional story of an evil mastermind Dark Lord who obtains a powerful artifact and travels to meta-space to become invincible. Eventually he gets overpowered by the irrational, chaotic and odd Bell-Man whom he encounters there. By defeating Dark Lord, Bell-Man suddenly saves the world and brings back harmony and ballance. Cartoon depicts first part of this story and release in general». Straytones is a three-piece psychedelic rock band from Kiyv, Ukraine. Their music has roots in garage rock stylings, with heavy influences of psychedelic and surf rock. The band [...]