Ancient Bards: Thin line between art and kitsch -
Rimini is one of the most popular tourist resorts along the Adriatic. The Rimini band Ancient Bards is also becoming very popular with their special twist of symphonic epic power metal. The bands fourth effort is Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2. The song Impious Dystopia is from the new album, Symphonic epic power metal has a very thin line between art and kitsch, but there are some innovative bands operating smartly near, but never beyond it. Ancient Bards managing on the new album that balancing act with ambitious grace, and even in a subtle manner now! The three first album was sometimes a bit cheesy and sugar coated, but had also some great songs. Impious Dystopia from the new record shows what the band is capable to write of enormous orchestrations. The record has near an hour of epic music, and plenty of space for all the stuff power metal fans enjoy the most. Ancient Bards offers often effective guitar gallops, whiplashing rhythmic shifts. The hooks are big and the collections of compositions are the best from band until now. The new co-guitarist add an important impact on the music. Simone Bertozzi provide together with Claudio Pietronik [...]