6th Counted Murder: Complete freedom -
Individual is the title of the brand new 6th Counted Murder studio effort. The sound is pure 6th Counted Murder, while at the same taking cues from classic heavy, thrash, and death metal, with some progressive tunes as well. It’s a concept album based on real stories adapted as the adventures of a lone and psychopathic serial killer. Here’s the story in the band’s own words; «A Berserk, an anti-hero who lives his life moving in and out of the flashbacks of his disturbed mind. The Individual born drags himself into a state of a Near-Death Experience. Raised to Cloud Nine and diverted from drugs, his world will be revealed no less than an Apocalypse In Human Features. His Syncopated introspective folly will sweat into the Scent Of Despair, which will result in a Brutal Engaged Abuse with psychological and physical violence. She, the preferred victim, will inevitably manipulate him mentally to the induction of suicide, because all that surrounds him is nothing but a House Of Lies». The song Scent Of Dispair Individual features ten tracks that combine aggression and technique, where each member of 6th Counted Murder had the complete freedom to participate in the writing and arranging process, [...]