United Progressive Fraternity: Heavier approach -
After the Australian band Unitopia decided to call it a day after their fourth album Covered Mirror Vol. 1, it was clear the world would never know what Vol. 2 would bring. Instead Mark Trueack and other music friends decided to establish a new music project named United Progressive Fraternity. This resulted in the album Falling In Love With The World five years ago, on which various guest musicians would also play a role. Most notably Jon Anderson from Yes and Steve Hackett the former Genesis guitarist. In many ways United Progressive Fraternity was a lyrical natural continuation of Unitopia. The music however takes a slightly heavier approach, and as mentioned UPF is unlike Unitopia not a band but a music project. A video from the new album is not yet clear so this one will do the job. At the end of March the reformed United Progressive Fraternity will release Planetary Overload: Loss. The core of the band is nine musicians lead by the earlier mentioned Mark Trueack. In addition the new record offers contribution from 40 very skilled musicians. The release day is 19 april. United Progressive Fraternity are based in Adelaide South Australia. Link: Facebook Relatert