Left Hand Solution: Music from Barthold’s basement -
The Swedish band Left Hand Solution was formed in 1991. They released 3 albums and toured Europe, US, and Canada and made a large impression with their unique take on doom metal for more than 10 years. Things were going well but as half the band also played in the highly successful The Kristet Utseende and family and kids took the rest of focus, the band slowly faded into obscurity. The track And Time Went By, What made Left Hand Solution special was their combination of hard riffs, dark melodies, and Mariana Frykman’s dark and beautiful voice. Being one of the early metal band with a female vocalist their influence has been largely overlooked and their cult following has grown quite a lot lately. The band has been resurrected for very successful local gigs several times during the last years, but it was not until Erik Barthold and original guitarist Joakim Mårdstam became neighbors that things starting to really happen. Suddenly they found themselves writing songs in Barthold’s basement and soon Peter Selin and Mariana Frykmark happily joined in. The track Fields On Fire, In secrecy, they recorded this new album Through The Mourning Woods and are now proud to [...]