Uuntar: Battle music for the fallen kings -
Voorvaderverering translated from Dutch to English is Ancestor worship. That fits pretty well to a pagan black metal band like Uuntar, and Voorvaderverering is their latest effort. February 4th was the release day. The music is epic and melodic pagan black metal, battle music for the fallen kings of the past! Primordial music in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition, recorded in a primitive way and written with a focus on bombastic and majestic melodies, completed with ancient historical lyrics and writings. Uuntar (ancient Germanic for winter) is a humble dedication to warriors and their traditions long gone, both melancholic as well as honorable. Primitive and melancholic in sound, Uuntar strike at the heart with their new offering Voorvaderverering. Through six tracks Uuntar tell tales of warriors, their traditions now long gone as well as their values in which they fought for. This record is as mentioned melancholic when needed, yet bombastic and blasting when called for an incredibly melodic all throughout providing you with a diverse, cold and captivating listen. It is hard not to get sucked in to this blackened offering as you fall deeper and deeper in to the music the longer and the more that you listen. From [...]