Ring Van Möbius: A warm and organic feel -
The album Past The Evening Sun is the debut album from Ring Van Möbius with three songs and three musicians. The title track is on 21:39, Chasing The Horizon on 11:55 and End Of Greatness at 5:53. The shortest track has keyboards of the atmospheric kind and are the calmest song on the album. The track Chasing The Horizon, Past The Evening Sun have a warm and organic feel to the sound.The Hammond Organ providing pulsating rhythms, cut with stabbing runs and yet at the same time providing carefully constructed melodies, all of which are ably supported by a very nice rhythm section. Thor Erik Helgesen plays Hammond L100, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet D6, Modog Satellite, Korg MS20. Håvard Rasmussen plays Fender Bass VI, Effects and Dag Olav Husås plays drums, Timpani, percussion and ad effects. Guest artist is Karl Christian Grønhaug plays saxophone. The 21, 39 minutes long title track Past The Evening Sun, The album has much Hammond organ and keyboards, but the engine in the music is bass and drums which tirelessly and skillfully drive and hold everything together. Past The Evening Sun are unashamedly retro and nostalgic for the prog sounds of the Seventies, but there does [...]