Monkey3: From the shores of Lake Geneva -
With their new album Sphere the band Monkey3 delivers a once again very intense and interesting psychedelic stoner rock and a soundtrack for space exploration. The band is from Lausanne in Swittzerland and the town is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Maybe the quartet is inspirited of that beautiful lake? They create on Sphere a sound that could be interpreted as a whispers that beats every secret string of the human soul. The song Mass, Monkey 3 have music elements as mentioned of psychedelic stoner, but there are also some hints of prog, post rock and space rock. Mostly with a rather hypnotic fundament, a repetitive nature. Their self-released debut came out in March 2003. Sphere is their sixt release and three years after the successful album Astra Symmetry. The four piece Monkey 3 is infamous for its onstage intensity that has crowned prestigious festivals such as Roadburn, Hellfest and Desertfest. The Swiss act managed to distill and concentrate their cosmic vibe on Sphere with hint of early Pink Floyd that collide with gritty riffing and noisy outbursts. The Song Axis shows that the band offer variation through the songs crystal-clear melody and dreamy jamming. Link: Facebook Relatert