Nex: 7 string guitars along with a 6 string bass -
Nex is a death metal project created in May 2014. In their creativity they connect 7 string guitars along with a 6 string bass and vocals, pointing towards progressive as well as metal sound. Nex`s debut Totalitarian Leader showed up in July 2015. It has been warmly welcomed by many zines. Fueled by positive reviews the band decided to create their debut long play. In the meantime in June 2016 Nex have toured across 11 cities of Russia. October was a milestone to them, they entered the studio to record the LP called The World Collapses. The album was recorded by Filip Heinrich Hałucha (Vesania, ex. Decapitated) from Heinrich House Studio. A proper production is always right, and Hałucha is very, very skilled. The World Collapses have connected influences from progressive music as well as the electronic music expanding the style they have created on Totalitarian Leader. The World Collapses was released at the end of January. Link: Facebook Relatert