Metaphor: Creative, quirky and interesting -
Metaphors In The Pearl, and what is a metaphor in chapter 5 of the Pearl by John Steinbeck might be the inspiration source for the band Metaphor on their new record? Early in January they released the album The Pearl. The Mist Of Forgetting is one of the songs from that album. The Open Road is another song from The Pearl album, Metaphor is creative, quirky, interesting, and thoughtful progressive rock, full of unusual time signatures, surprising changes, and strong lyrical content. Those who love the golden age of progressive rock, like early Genesis, Happy The Man, Camel, Yes and Gentle Giant, will probably enjoy Metaphor. The band’s compositions include all that most prog heads find wonderful about classic prog rock. In addition Metaphor has their own modern twists and turns, and they are making what might be considered as a very satisfying progressive rock listening experience for the prog audience. The band started out as a tribute to the music of early Genesis, and quickly brought their own compositions to the forefront, with three critically-acclaimed releases. The Pearl is the fourth album from Metaphor, and the band was founded in San Francisco, USA in 1993. Malcolm Smith (guitars), Marc [...]