Automb: A wall of torturing black metal -
There are not as many women playing black metal but an exception is Danielle Evans with vocals, keys & bass. She plays in Automb a new blackened death metal band from USA. Her thick, powerful growl commands the attention of the listener, accentuated by her ethereal stage presence on full display in Automb’s latest music video for Horned God. Horned God is from the debut album Esoterica from the trio Automb. Evans fellow musicians are Serge Streltsov on guitar and the drummer Scott Fuller. The musicians are experienced and have established careers with the likes of Necrophagia and Morbid Angel. Esocteria a agressive album but sometimes atmospheric and mostly melodic. Stylish it is black metal with a bit of death metal and a menacing soundscape. The song Into Nothingness shows perfectly everything Automb have to offer. Very tight playing, barbaric vocal and tons of ferocity. Lyrically the band draws from influences of paganism and the occult. The three musicians interact and play each other even better. Great musicians which are motivated to play together, and willing to explore new musical territories, create almost without exception exciting and good music. Their combination of musical expertise and experience lead to a wall [...]