Hazpiq: A hypnotic journey -
Etno prog metal is often pretty interesting I think, and Hazpig delivers a healthy dose of interesting etno prog. Hazpiq is a French prog metal band founded in 2015 in Paris. Between the power of organic riffs and the spirituality of ethnically vocals, the band created their own language mixed with English to bring the audience into a hypnotic journey through music. Later in January the band will release their debut Cepheid. Cepheid is a variable star having a regular cycle of brightness with a frequency related to its luminosity, so allowing estimation of its distance from the earth. The music from Hazpiq has elements from metal, prog, alternative rock and ambient. The musicians in Hazpiq is from different musical horizons, the musicians of the group are complementary and claim their roots and their classical background. A specificity that is not anecdotal because it founds the originality of this formation forges its character and is its strength. Hazpiq’s music subtly alternates powerful and profound passages, with acoustic parts accompanied by female singing inspired by ancient languages, inviting the listener to a hypnotic journey. Influenced by progressive bands such as Magma, Tool, Gojira, Hypno5e, Opeth, and Corpo Mente, or sacred classical [...]