Best music from 2018! -
The year of 2018 have to come to an end, and it’s time to summarize the best albums of the year. Ulf Backstrøm’s favorites of 2018 There has been a lot of amazing music in 2018. Setting up a ten on the top list is really impossible, but here it is. It had been possible for me to reschedule the order, and many of the ones mentioned below could have been on the top 10 list! 1.Gøsta Berlings Saga – Et Ex A criminally underrated band and probably relatively unknown band. They deliver top quality music again and again. Et Ex is a awesome collection of songs. Link: Facebook 2. Vola – Applause Of A Distant Crowd The Danes are a unique sounding progressive rock and metal band, and with many good and well played songs with a fair amount of nice complexity. Link: Facebook 3. Far Corner – Risk Far Corner plays aggressive and insanely complex instrumental chamber rock, modern classical meets prog rock. Link: Facebook 4. Phideaux – Infernal Infernal has a gripping story filled with turns and some of the best and most original music I’ve heard in a long while. Link: Hjemmeside 5. Riverside – Wasteland [...]