Haiku Funeral: Kopecky and Haiku -
Decadent Luminosity is a double CD from the band Haiku Funeral and the music is thrilling because of a hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary vibe. The new CD`s is two contrasting discs of Haiku chaos and darkness – Disc 1 (Decadent) = 43:30 of blackened industrial darkness – Disc 2 (Luminosity) = 43:11 of ritual satanic ambient. Dark visitations from syncopated, hypnotic, lysergic and erotic rites, music and magic are intertwined and explored hallucinogenic. Haiku Funeral was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseilles, France on Halloween night of 2008. They torment strange instruments and devices like theremin, e-bow, spring-drum, and children’s harp etc. Dimitar Dimitrov handle electronics, keyboards, vocals and William Kopecky plays bass and sings. William Kopecky was from 1997 to 2009 member of the band Kopecky. Three brothers – Joe, William and Paul. Joe plays guitar and sings, William plays electric bass, keyboards and sitar, and Paul is a drummer. Paul Kopecky died in 2009. Kopecky have a variety of influences but are defined as a so called hard prog band. Kopecky have elements from the latest era of King Crimson some prog metal, some ethnic influences and even some more traditional prog influences. Link: Facebook Relatert